Academy for Pastoral Psychological Care  (APPC)

  1. What does each APPC membership package include?

CARE – $300 Annual Subscription

  • Wounds of the Healer (webinar course)
  • More than The Blues: How to Identify and Cope with Depression (webinar course)
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Self-care (webinar course)
  • Self-care Booklet with Tips from Dr. Buckingham

HEAL – $1200 Annual Subscription

Everything in Care PLUS:

  • 2 General Session Tickets to Annual APPC Conference
  • Bi-weekly Circle of Healing Group Calls W/Dr. Buckingham or APPC staff
  • Burnout Prevention (webinar course)
  • Combating Compassion Fatigue (webinar course)
  • Loving Your Wounds Unconditionally (webinar course)
  • Access to Healing Accountability Forum
  • Resilient Thinking paperback written book by Dr. Buckingham
  • Healing Resource Guide
  • Weekly Healing Messages

PROSPER – $2500 Annual Subscription

Everything in Care and Heal PLUS:

  • 3 – 90-minute workshops at your church (webinars for out-of-town clients)
    • Living for God and Loving Yourself (workshop)
    • Building Individual Resilience (workshop)
    • Building a Resilient Congregation (workshop)
  • 6 – 45 min telephone Prosperity Coaching Sessions W/Dr. Buckingham or APPC staff
  • 7 Steps to Financial Prosperity (webinar course)
  • 20% Pastoral discount off all RHCS Products
  • 10% Congregation discount off all RHCS Products


  1. How long should I be a member of APPC?

We recommend committing at least one year in order to take full advantage of the courses and other resources available. This time commitment will also allow you to fully immerse yourself into the APPC community, connect with others from around the world, and establish relationships.

  1. How much time and commitment will APPC take?

APPC is structured similar to a university setting with courses, additional readings, and assignments. In addition, the program is self-directed so the time requirement will vary depending on your availability. We recommend scheduling a specific time each day to focus on APPC.

  1.   How often will I be billed?

APPC members can make two installment payments or one payment and will be billed on the initial enrollment date.

  1. How do I update credit card on file?

Contact us and we can provide assistance.

  1. Can I cancel at anytime?

We offer a %100 money back guarantee if you cancel within 30 days.  If you fully engage in the process and do not find value in APPC, we will refund your money.  We care about your satisfaction and the value you receive. Please be advised that when a subscription cancellation is processed, all access to APPC will immediately end. We cannot process advanced cancellations.

  1. How do I cancel my Breathe University Subscription?

In order to cancel, APPC members must email the request to RHCS@realhorizonsdlb.com. Cancellations will be processed within 3 business days.

  1. How can I upgrade or downgrade my account to another membership level?

Simply email RHCS@realhorizonsdlb.com with your request to upgrade or downgrade.

  1. Where are is my Resilient Thinking book?

Typically the Resilient Thinking book is shipped within 4-5 days of enrollment date.

  1. How do I get my tickets to the annual APPC conference?

Tickets that are included in heal and prosper membership packages are available after enrollment. Your name is logged in our database and tickets can be picked up at the event. In order to secure your two tickets you will need a government ID.

  1. Are one-on-one telephone coaching sessions with Dr. Buckingham available to me as an APPC member?

One-on-one telephone coaching sessions with Dr. Buckingham is possible on a space available basis for APPC members who purchased the Prosper membership level. If Dr. Buckingham is not available other highly qualified professionals will meet with you. In order to provide you with the best experience, Dr. Buckingham will occassionally participate in bi-weekly group calls, private FB group chats and conduct courses. If you’re interested in one-to-one coaching with Dr. Buckingham please send an email to RHCS@realhorizonsdlb.com with “One-on-one coaching with Dr. Buckingham” in the subject line.

  1. How do I access the private APPC Facebook group?

The invitation link is available in your APPC welcome email. APPPC members may also be invited to the private facebook via email invitation. The invitation is sent to email address on file for your APPC account. If your current Facebook Account is not connected to the email address we have on file, please request access to the Facebook Group. **Be sure to email us if your Facebook name does not match the name registered on APPC account**

  1. What is Slack and how do I access the Slack group?

Slack is the application APPC uses as an accountability forum for Heal and Prosper members only. It’s a private group that includes members of the top two APPC membership levels. Slack includes several different channels to support your progress towards your goals. Within Slack, members share daily, weekly, and even quarterly goals. Members also share personals stories and provide support to one another. Once enrolled, members will receive an email invitation to join the group.